Value Investments can be hard to find. The companies that I will profile are all from big emerging economies such as China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia (to name a few). They are all real companies with consistent and growing revenue streams that have had valid audits. Let's find them together!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Watch for Friday

Two Chinese based NASDAQ stocks were among the top gainers yesterday, China Auto Logistics Inc. and ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc.  They are both continuing to rise in trading here this morning and will continue to go up as they both have solid numbers supporting them. 

China Auto Logistics Inc. catches my eye since it directly uses another company's products, Asia Carbon Industries (ACRB), that is still severley undervalued.  China Auto Logistics Inc. is a luxury automobile company whose sales have been rapidly growing since 2009.  According to their website 25%+ a year since then. 

A curious happening with their stock as well as CNET, both were trading at double where they are now not more than 90 days ago!  With the amount of scared investing that happened throughout Q2, people are starting to get back into the grossly undervalued stocks, like these!  As more of the real firms with well kept books continue to report earnings and file with the SEC for Q2, watch as they should gain more investment. 

Look into ACRB, BSPM, CALI, and CNET to grow as they continue to attract attention with their growth!

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