Value Investments can be hard to find. The companies that I will profile are all from big emerging economies such as China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia (to name a few). They are all real companies with consistent and growing revenue streams that have had valid audits. Let's find them together!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Clean Coal

The week is starting off slow in the market as the DOW and NASDAQ were both down. One of the big movers today was a Colorado based, clean coal company ADA-ES Inc.  Here is a US. based company that appears to be undervalued at present.  (With the inclusion of the 50%+ gain today). ADA is a leader in clean coal energy.

Another undervalued stock in a similar arena is Asia Carbon Industries, who I have talked about before. It gained slightly toady, a modest 2% and should continue to rise.  I would strongly suggest getting into this stock now as it looks to move up soon! 

The idea is buy these two stocks now!

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