Value Investments can be hard to find. The companies that I will profile are all from big emerging economies such as China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia (to name a few). They are all real companies with consistent and growing revenue streams that have had valid audits. Let's find them together!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Investing in foreign markets is a smart play right now.  I have been profiling companies that fall into the categories that are described in this article from WSJ

In business, looking for new revenue streams is always on the forefront of the investigative process.  Whether this is done by manufacturing a new good to be sold, innovation of new technology, branching into similar markets or vertical integration of an industry; keeping your business growing can present a number of obstacles and opportunities.  This is no different when it comes to investing.  Diversification always seems to be the biggest buzzword used when discussing investing ideas.  Finding profitable companies in other countries should be an idea that you need to consider.  There are great companies that just need to be found.  While they may not lead to “get rich quick,” they can lead to growth for the future.  In a time where nothing is certain, the value of investing in an emerging economy is less risky and less volatile than most other investments.  With continued global levels of living conditions rising, the smart investors are looking to these countries hoping to cash in on their progress.  If only we had all invested in tech stocks in the ‘80s (I was born then, people have invested in me for a decent ROI in my opinion). 

If you, as an investor, look to emerging economies and can find companies that are generating profits and growing, it only makes sense that they will continue to do well and prosper as their respective country moves upward. Looking categorically at developing sectors such as Manufacturing, Mining, and Healthcare makes these all the more enticing plays!

I continue to pound the table on ACRB, BSPM, VALE, and ONP
As a final thought and preview of things to come, read this

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