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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SRA Convention in San Francisco

The 7th Annual Spring Growth Stock Conference hosted by Security Research Associates, Inc. was held yesterday (5/24) in San Francisco.  34 different stocks had presentations from their respective CEOs, CFOs, and Business Developers.  One of the stocks was who I have been highlighting, Asia Carbon Industries, presented.  For a full list of those who presented, click here

A colleague of mine was in San Francisco for the event (doubt he had a flower in his hair, but maybe) and I spoke with him on the phone after the presentation and breakout session. His take from the event:

1-     There were a group of investors trying to figure out how to slowly buy up the float.  The lower end sales that have caused the price to drop recently needs to get bought out in full so the stock can really run.

2-     The company story of Carbon Black for tires in China was compelling.  It is almost a “boxed” market. They have solid business already and are continuing to beat out any competition.

3-     He was very impressed with the net income gain achieved by adding “wet production” to the process.  Almost 44% of total revenue. (Talked about that a bit a couple weeks ago)

4-     He left feeling that it was not if, but when ACRB will start rolling.  At current earnings of .04/share for 1st Qtr he sees the possibility of 0.16 or higher/for the year 2011.  He’s still trying to figure out a multiple.  Maybe 12 – 18 is about right, which  puts the stock around $1.92 to $2.88.  

I agree and have been talking about this for the last couple of weeks.  It's always nice getting some corroborating support!  We will see how this plays out but I'd get in this now, before it takes off!

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